What happens if you move a penguin to a hot habitat?


Well actually you don’t need to move a penguin to a hot habitat, as there are already quite a few penguin species that actually live in hot places – well out of the water at least.  For example you get penguins living in Australia, Africa, and even near the Equator.

Despite some penguins living in places where it is pretty hot, penguins always live where the water is quite cold, and they manage to keep warm in cold water with their specially designed feathers, which are waterproof on the outside, and lovely and fluffy on the inside.  Because the penguins are suited to the cold water, they can get too hot out of the water – so how do they manage to live in hot places?

Well they make their homes and nests in cool places by keeping out the sun. For example the African penguins dig burrows out of sand and guano (the technical term for a lot of poo – built up as hundreds or thousands of penguins live in the same place for many years).  They make their nests in these lovely cool and shady burrows.

Galapagos penguins manage to live near the Equator because they nest and live in caves made from old lava tubes, and these caves are lovely and cool.