Could a black hole bend space time so much you could travel through time?


We all travel though time and we all do so at the same rate, growing one day older every 24 hours.

Now it may seem obvious, but nobody, knows what time ‘is’ and thus nobody knows why it ‘passes’.

Einstein has taught us (and experiments have confirmed) that for people travelling fast the passage of time is slowed down, and for people in stronger gravity or undergoing intense accelerations it is also slowed down. These effects can be measured and amount to a few tens of nanoseconds for a person flying around the world.

‘Near’ a black hole the gravitational field would be very strong and the passage of time may indeed slow down. However ‘near’ a black hole the gravitational field could easily rip your body apart because the pull might be stronger on your feet than your head: this may also affect your experience of the passage of time: you may see your whole life flash before your eyes.