What’s the site about?

The site aims to bridge the gap between schools and the general public with professional scientists and industry professionals, enabling anyone with an interest in science to be able to put forward questions to people who may otherwise be out of their reach – and hopefully inspire and encourage more people into STEM subjects and careers.

How are we funded? 

We aren’t! We don’t receive any funding, and all the articles on the site are written, edited and published by a fantastic group of volunteer scientists who have generously given up their own time to answer your questions. Even the website development and running costs are donated by ourselves.

Advertising Trial – 18/01/15

We’re decided to conduct an advertising trial on some parts of the website in order to try to help pay towards the website maintenance and running costs. Hosting the website costs money, and as the site grows in popularity that cost is only going to increase, so any help with that is greatly required.

How do you choose which questions to answer?

This is sometimes tough, but it mostly comes down to resources – as mentioned above we’re all volunteers with full time jobs and lives, so it’s impossible for us to respond to every question which is asked.

Secondly, we only pick questions which are publishable. As we’re tight on resources, we’ve decided we’ll only answer the questions which will benefit the most people – and that means questions which we can publish on the website for the world to see.

Not all articles on the website are questions asked by visitors. Trying to juggle resources and keeping the site fresh means some content is sourced from elsewhere on the web. When this is the case, it’ll be mentioned within the article.

Who answers our questions?

We’ve got a great team of scientists behind us who volunteer their time to answer your questions – you can see a list of all of them here!

How do I get involved?

We’re always on the look out for new talent to join our team of volunteer scientists! If you’re feeling inspired and want more information or even to help out click here to get Involved!