GCSE results day – what’s next?

As August comes around, so do exam results for thousands of students across the country. If you’ve been studying GCSE’s, that date is 20 August 2015.

So what’s next after you get your results?

  • A-level/BTEC Diplomas – Many students continue their education by studying for A-levels and other higher education qualifications. If your school has a sixth form, you can stay on and study there, or you can decide to study at another school’s sixth form or a further education college.
  • Leaving education – If you decide further education isn’t for you, there are many options available to you, such as finding a job or applying to take part in an apprenticeship scheme. Your teacher or careers office can help advise you on your next steps.

We hope you get the grades you were hoping for – but don’t worry if you don’t, there’s plenty of options available to you which you can speak to your teacher about, such as;

  • Retakes – If the grades you received aren’t what you hoped for, it’s very likely you’ll be able to retake your exam. This happens a few weeks or months later, giving you extra time to revise the subject again before resitting the paper to try to improve your grade.
  • Remarks – If your grade is borderline, so for example you got a D but only a few marks off of a C, you can ask for a remark. This is where your paper is remarked by someone else to see if they agree with the original grade. However, be aware grades can also go down as well as up when being remarked!

Remember, your teachers and careers advisers will be at your school on results day to answer any questions you have and to help you take the right next steps.