A-level Science Facts & Figures 2016


Facilitating subjects, those more frequently required for entry to degree courses and which include Physics, Biology and Chemistry accounted for 51.1% of all A-level entries this year.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics all kept their subject rankings compared to 2015, with Biology coming in 3rd place, Chemistry 6th and Physics 9th.

Computing saw a 16% year on year increase in the amount of students taking the A-level, whereas Other Sciences saw a 5.1% fall.

For another year, girls outperformed boys in Biology and Physics, however, boys performed better than girls in Chemistry – receiving more A* – C grades than their counterparts.

Except for Biology, which saw boys increase the amount of A* grades they were awarded and with girls remaining the same – both other sciences saw a drop, especially for girls.


  • A* – C grades: Girls: 73.1%, Boys: 71.8% – a 0.3% increase for girls compared to 2015, and a 1.3% increase for boys
  • The amount of girls receiving an A* grade remained the same year on year at 9.5% however, boys increased by 0.5% and narrowed the margin compared to girls with 9% receiving an A* grade.


  • A* – C grades: Girls: 77.1%, Boys: 76.9%
  • More boys received an A* grade (9.3%) than girls (7.5%) – the only subject out of the three to see boys receive more.
  • There was a drop at every A* – C grade level for boys and girls this year compared to 2015. 0.8% fewer boys received an A* – C grade and 1.5% fewer girls.


  • A* – C grades: Girls: 74.2%, Boys: 70.6% – a 0.7% fall for girls compared to 2015, but remains the same for boys
  • More girls received an A* grade (8.9%) than boys (8.8%)
  • There was another drop in the number of A*’s awarded this year compared to last: boys (-0.7%) and girls (-1.7%)