How much do scientists get paid compared to sports players per minute?


You’d be forgiven for not noticing the tiny dot at the top left of the above diagram next to David Cameron’s name, but that dot is where the vast majority of us appear.

It shows how much several high profile sports professionals earn every single minute, compared with the current UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s salary, some science related professions, such as a GP, scientist and science teacher, and someone working on the UK’s National Minimum Wage.

*Update: 21 Feb 2014: Wayne Rooney’s new wage would see him earn slightly more, at £29.76 a minute

We’re going to let the picture speak for itself, however for those of you who want a closer look at that small dot at the top left, you can see a closer look at that section below.


Sources of information: Forbes Athletes Rich List, New Scientist, TelegraphDepartment for Education, Gov UK.
Science Teacher based on someone earning the Dept for Education’s maximum ‘main’ salary.
Minimum Wage worker based on working 8.5hrs a day, 5 days a week at 2013 rates.

Figures correct at date of publish – 30 November 2013.