Can humans be shrunk in size?


We received this great question from Rocky asking;

if there’s a possible way to shrink in size. Say people. You could manipulate your height like in a movie and grow or shrink at will. Say you could shrink to 1 foot or even smaller way smaller. I would love to do this and if anyone could figure out a way I would love them forever but would keep it secret of course., is there any way imaginable or possible this could happen I would love a well thought theory as I have often wondered.”

We got intrigued too, so we got one of our scientists on the case to find out;

Unfortunately scientists have not yet invented a Matter Reduction Ray or similar equipment to shrink you in size. The problem is that everything is made up of atoms, which have to behave according to the laws of quantum mechanics. You can’t shrink atoms because that would go against these laws.

Imagine you managed to shrink your body to 1 foot high; your brain would also be smaller, which would make you less intelligent and not yourself anymore.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, just unlikely. The fact that you think about this a lot is good: perhaps you should become a scientist and invent it!